Download 100% Working BOT (2017) Free : Tested to work, Automated Adfly Traffic Bot [ Bot] Bot-Download 100% Working BOT (2017) Free : Tested to work, Automated Adfly Traffic Bot [ Bot]

Adfly is a URL Shortener. A type of a special URL Shortener, because it allows us to make a great deal of money online. You can shorten a long link to a short link using Adfly. There are many URL Shorteners on the Internet like, But those just shortens the URL. Doesn't allow us to earn money. Only a few URL Shorteners including Adfly allow it

ex-: I Shortened using Adfly and got this link: You can visit it and see. If you visited the link, you would have seen an advertisement page. After 5 seconds a 'Skip Ad' button would have appeared. If you clicked on it, you would have seen that it redirected to, which I shortened in at the beginning.

Like that, Adfly puts an ad layer between the visitor and the source page. Everytime a visitor views an ad, Adfly pays the person who created the Short link. So, if you visited the page above, money would have been added to my Adfly account. I think now you understand the basic stuff about Adfly.

In this post, I'll teach you step by step, how to use an automated traffic bot to maximize your earnings on Adfly.

First of all, go to the link below and create a new Adfly account.

                     Click here to sign up on Adfly

You would need to create a new account using the link above, even if you already have a Adfly account. That's because there's a small risk of account being suspended. (Let's say a risk of about 5%) That's why you should create a new account.

Now, let's see how you can increase your earnings with a traffic bot. There are many bots available on the Internet, but some of them doesn't work. But the bot I'm going to give you works excellently. I also use it to increase my earnings. 

So we have made bot for that will make you earn fast and easy way.If you don’t have traffic then don’t need to worry still you can earn with this amazing Bot 2017 Ultimate Hack.What you need to do just run this bot and left it.It will automatically run and change the proxies or IP addresses so your could be safe. Bot 2017 Ultimate Hack Features:

  • This will use private proxies no public proxies needed
  • It will automatically skip ads to earn
  • Custom referral or traffic sources option
  • No fear to ban your account
  • Multiple threads running option
  • Delay Timing option

How to Use Bot 2017 Ultimate Hack:

  • Download Bot 2016 Ultimate Hack
  • Extract with winrar tool
  • Install it with express options
  • Double click to run Bot 2017 Ultimate Hack
  • After starting the program follow screen
  • Use it carefully

  • Hide My Ass IP Support
  • Proxy Support
  • Anonymous Refers
  • Anonymous Countries (Changing In Every 2 Minutes)
  • Auto Clicking SKIP Button
  • Hiding Location
  • 10000 Clicks Per Day (If It Exceed Your Linkbucks Account Will BAN)
You can download this bot from the link given below-

                                          Image result for download button


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